Sketching on the Go - Venice

Allan Kirk’s approach is simplicity personified. This beautifully illustrated book offers suggestions and guidance prompted by a lifetime’s experience, first as a teacher, then a successful professional artist who holds workshops worldwide on sketching and painting.

With this guidebook to hand, Venice will no longer overwhelm you. Your discoveries will be better informed by this gem of a book. Allan’s many colour reproductions here represent his impressions of the city gathered over a visit lasting but a few days.

Allan’s belief is that there is no ‘right’ way to sketch; only you can decide that. But, as you absorb the numerous small yet vital stages that this artist describes as he talks us through a sketch or painting of Venice, from first sight to completed work, you will quickly recognise those elements that might work for you, too. For lovers of Venice, especially anyone prepared to sketch scenes that excite their imagination, this book is a must.

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