A Pen and watercolour that captures the vibrant hustle, bustle and energy of Revel Market in SW France as lockdown is eased. Those of you who have attended one of Allan's demonstration or workshops will know how Allan tries to capture the feel and mood of a busy crowd. Here, Allan demonstrates his techniques for capturing movement of people in crowds and there is a FULL SIZE DRAWING FOR TRACING in the resource help pack download Video runs 2 hrs 8 mins showing the painting from start to finish. Allan explains his STEP by STEP process and techniques in a show and tell approach that he uses in his normal workshops worldwide. After your purchase you will be sent an email which contains, your own personal link code to the video, clear instructions and a PDF resources help pack. The PDF help pack includes drawing for tracing, tips and techniques, Allan's finished work and where applicable a photo of the location. Start as soon as you get code, work where you want, when you want how you want, watch as many times as you want. YOU have full control forever.